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Lime, Fertiliser & Urea Ground Spreading

Lime, Fertiliser & Urea Spreading

Precision ground application

Whether you’re a farmer or a grower, timely application of your bulk lime, fertiliser or urea requirements is vital to ensure maximum growth, & production value. 

We source, cart & precision spread both powder & granular fertilisers on pastures, crops & cultivated land around the Franklin region. We’ve scales fitted to all our spreader trucks & trailer units to ensure we deliver the right amount of product

  • Our ground spreaders are capable of different lime & fertiliser spread rates.  From standard 1250kg/ha,  & 2500kg/ha rates in a single pass, we can also handle up to 5000kg/ha.

  • Our urea application rates start at 50kg/ha, & can spread from 1 ton upwards per application

  • Driver safety is a priority with anti-roll equipment fitted to all our spreaders

Knight & Dickey Fertiliser Spreader Truck
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